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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Philosophy Connection 2

After years of hearing about this movie, not so much what it was about but how good it was, I finally watched it.  I was completely blown away by this movie and next to inception, has to be one of my favorite movies of all time.  I found the topic that our reality might actually be fake to be very intersiting.  This reminded me of Source Code, in the fact that when the main charecter is not in the real world, it becomes his reality because he thinks that it is real.  In the Matrix, Neo thinks that the world around him is completely  real and that he is just a small programer for a large company.  He accepts everything around him but in his time off spends time on the computer trying to find out about "The Matrix".  But when Neo gets pulled out of the matrix and into the real world he does not know what to make of it.  He still thinks of the matrix world as reality even though it is unreal.  It takes him awhile to adjust to this new reality and relise what's real and what's not, just liek the main charecter from the movie source code.

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