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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sophies World Connection 2

In the book Sophies World, sophie is told an analogy by the philosopher about how we are like a rabbit beeing pulled out of a magicians hat.  he then talked about, how we can not see the changes and what was actually going on around us because we are nestled deep down in the rabbits fur and do not want to come out.  We have made our home down there in this false reality and refuse to try to find what actually is going on.  He then talks about how philosophers climb up to the top of the hair and truely see the real world around them, but the others refuse to see and believe because they are to comfotable where they are.  I thought that this analogy was excelent and really simplified a complex topic.  After reading this I feel like people need to get up out of the rabbits fur and start to wonder at everything going on around them.

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