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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Best Inception Blog Post Of All Time!

** SPOILER ALERT ** (maybe, read it and find out)

Rene Descartes' question - How - if at all - can we know whether the world we experience while we're awake is real or not? - really fries your noodle if you think about it too much.  So I am asking you to apply this question not only to yourself (part 1) but to the movie (part 2).  In the movie, the characters have totems to know whether or not they're dreaming.  But we don't have them to help us out, so how do we truly know?

(part 1) This movie made me relise that you cant really trust what is going on and you cant truley cant know if the things going on around you are real or not.  Maybe, we are still in a dream and when we go to bed at night we are just going into a deeper layer of dreams.  Or maybe even, what we think is reality is actually a dream and when we fall asleep we are actually waking up.  But, unlike in incption, we do not all carry around totems (maybe some of us do if they practice lucid dreaming and do reality checks) and we cant just check if the world is real or not, and it is impossible for us to ever find out.

(Part 2) Like I said in the first section, in inception the dreamers carry around totems.  They do this because to them they can use them as sort of a reality check and they can find out wether or not they are in a dream, no matter how realistic it is.  But people who practice lucid dreaming preform reality checks, such as looking in a mirror to make sure everything is the same, or breathing, (can you shut your mouth and nose and still breath).  With out these you cant really tell that you are dreaming, unless somthing unexpected happens.  But this movie also made my think, is our reeality actually real or not?


  1. What if your totem is merely confirming a "reality" that is actually completely unreal?

  2. intresting read. follow me back :-)