Monday, October 31, 2011

Hanna and Genetic Research Blog

Today we finished watching the movie in class, I missed the first half of it but I think I still got what was going on in the movie.  Basically Hanna is a genetically engineered human made to fight, which ties in with the question's we were assigned in this blog.

Question 1: what if you really loved your dog or cat and wanted one exactly like it?

If I was in this situation I would probably just accept that my animal is not going to live forever and I have to cherish the time that I have with it.  I do have to say that I love my dog and I would be devastated if I ever lost her, but I would not want another dog exactly like it.  Even if I got a clone of my dog that managed to look the same, even act the same and have the same personality, I still would know that it was not the same dog, its just a copy of it.  None of its memories, or the tricks that I thought it would be in this new dog, it would basically be an empty shell of my dog that I loved.

Question 2:Would you be willing to be part of a genetic experiment that not only strengthened your                            muscles but prevented them from deteriorating with age?

I definitely would take part in this experiment and I do not have any problem with it if it was implemented in to the current system and became widely available.  It would be great to never have to worry about deteriorating muscles with old age, I would be just as strong now, as I would when im 90, if not even stronger then.  But would you also live longer because your heart would never deteriorate either?  If that was the case then I would just consider that and added bonus, along with having stronger muscles.  I am in no way against this and I would be more than willing to have this done to me.

Question 3:if you had the chance (and it were possible), would you pick certain traits for your child before he/she was born?

No, I do not think that I would do that.  If I learned anything from the movie Gattaca I think it was that I do not want to fuel a geneticcly engineered society.  I would leave the traits for nature to decide, I think that having a geneticly modified  child I would be judged and ridiculed and so would the kid.

Question 3.5: Is this kind of genetic selection ethical?

(I seem to be stuck in italics in this font after copy pasting the ethic question and blogger refuses to change it)

No I do not think that this is ethical.  Just like in the movie Gattaca, the genetically modified people would have an unfair advantage over the natural born humans.  This may lead to them being discriminated and not even given the same rights (just like in gattaca).  If the only trait being changed though is disease prevention, then I would think that that may be ethical, but if you can pick all the traits, it is not ethical in my opinion at all.

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