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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Real World Connection Number 4 (V.2 rewritten because blogger does not like me)

This is the second time that I have had to write this blog besides blogger deleted all my recent entries when my Internet was being shotty.  
In this real world connection I will be talking about the book Ender’s Game by: Orson Scott Card
We started reading this book in Sci Fi, but I had already read it when I was much younger.  But as we started learning about the Blank Slate idea in philosophy I started to relate it to relate that to Ender’s Game.  In the book the main character Ender has a brother and sister.  But both the brother and the sister are personality extremes.  The government in the book only allows each family to have two children to control the population, but because Ender’s family genes are perfect to raise a great tactician, they let the family have a third child.  This ties in with the blank slate theory because all three of the children were raised with the same methods by the same parents.  Peter, Ender’s brother is much to violent and unstable , and Ender’s sister Valentine is much two timid and shy.  Ender is perfect though because he is a mixture of these traits, and he can relate to people, while being strong but not crazy and  violent.  If people truly were blank slates those raised under the same conditions would have the same personality's, and just like in real life, it is the same in this book and  everyone, even siblings have different personality's.

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