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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sophies World Connection 4 (V.2 because blogger decided it would erase it -_-)

Well, this is the second blog that I have to rewrite because blogger was acting very strangely, but this time I am writing it in word so I will have a backup if blogger does not like what I write.  (I am hoping this will work when pasted into blogger because the last one had color issues)

Once again its time for me to write a blog about the “wonderfully interesting” book called Sophie’s World.  I will admit that I have been mostly skimming through this book and jotting down a couple of notes but I have not been absorbing all of its information, because I usually read it in other classes.  

After reading over half of this book I want to know why “Sophie” did not think that the events of the first part of the book were as strange as they were.  I get that it was a book, but still I did not feel like Sophie reacted in a convincing way.  If a strange man started contacting me through envelopes with no postage I would probably alert the cops.  Then as it goes on she finds it perfectly normal that Alberto is creeping/stalking her and knows everything that she is doing.  I understand how this whole section fits in the book (within a book)  but I just feel like it was not written in the correct manner and could have been written to be allot more convincing and interesting.

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