Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In Time Extra Credit Blog

1. apply a philosopher or philosophic concept to any part or parts of this movie that you find apply to this movie

In the movie, the main charecter is gifted with time, but did he ask for the time? No, he just recieved it without his consent and his life was flung into utter chaos from that moment on.  But instead of just sitting around and mulling over what to spend his time on, he decided that he was going to get up, go out, and act!  This type of attitude much resembles the attitude of existentialists.  Just like the main charecter in the movie existentialist's try to get up and do somthing with their life because they know if they waste it it will be over in a heartbeat.  Following this attitude the main charecter Lance Uppercut (I forgot his name so I will use a generic bad-ass name to replace it) goes on a rampage freeing time from the rich and giving it to the poor (Lance Uppercut acts like Robin Hood drank some prison wine and thought that he was father time).  In this journy Lance Uppercut then kidnaps Derpina McMoneybags, a daughter of a rich time mogul and relises that the rich act almost stoic.  With all the greenbacks and time that they have the rich do not truly understand happiness and emotions, because they have nothing to strive for, no rush to get things accomplished, and no need for emotions, if  they play it safe they live forever feeling indiffrently the whole time.

2. Find a weakness in the movie, whether it be in the plot, concept, etc. and explain why.

There were many many plotholes in this movie, and normally I am not one to complain about a movie, so I will not go into that much detail about the problems they had in this movie.  First they never explained how time became the currency.  This movie supposedly takes plase in the not so distant future, but how did they find the time (heh) and the rescources to lay down the infrastructure to make the time currency work?  Also I am a tad confused on who runs the governments, are there still diffrent countrys or are the time mogul's the central authority for the whole entire world?  All in all it was not a bad movie, but I would not consider it a good movie either.  I could go into all of the political undertones that take place or the other various plot holes in the movie but feel like what I wrote is enough (if I wrote about everything this blog would be thousands of words), SO im going to end this blog post here, TO THE MAX!


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