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Friday, November 11, 2011

Real World Connection 5

About a week ago, in Sci Fi class, we were assigned "The Time Machine" by: H.G. Wells.  So, like every book that I get I started to read it immidiatly.  I ended up finishing it in two days, but I was very dissipointed with how dry of a story it was, also the plot seemed so familiar because over the years so much media has been produced that has been based off of this book.  The Time Traveler's story that he tells reminded me alot of a fairy tale and the types of media created during the Romanticism Era.  The way he tells it just makes it seem fake, like he is in controll, and he created the universe in which the story takes place.  I think it's partially because he did not expect anyone to believe him that he went on this journy.  This seems alot like how in sophies world where the book Alberto writes seems real, but very unreal at the same time.  All in all this was a boring book, and it could have been made to be much longer and interisting, but it seems to me that even in this dry boring book, tones of romantisiscm surface in it.

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