Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Real World connection 5?

The other day in class we learned about how a philosopher named Jeremy Bentham who invented a new type of prison named Panopticon.  After hearing Patrick talk about those alot and learning about it in class I felt inclined to write about how Panopticon reminds me of how every day life is monitored.  Cameras are everywhere, some places they are watching you at all times and some places have fake camera domes, but you can never know if you are beeing watched or not.  This was the point of the Panopticon prison, to lower costs and lower crime in prisons.  And just like Panopticon I feel like CCTV is leading up to a sort of all seeing power.  In the US we do not have cameras everywhere but we do have intersection cameras ment to record people who run red lights.  I understand that, but what happens when cameras start to get added on all major streets and buildings and the regular world we are living in is effectively a Panopticon, where we can never truly feel safe and have privacy 

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