Thursday, November 17, 2011

Real World Connection 7

Im going to make this blog post about the movie In Time, because we never ended up using it as an extra credit blog post topic.  Its been a while sense I watched this movie, but its still pretty fresh in my mind because I have not seen any other movies sense then (except Sharktopus and Mega Piranha for sci- fi class).  After learning about existentialism in class I feel like this movie is based around it.  In the movie everyone has a timer that is counting down to their death, and unlike real life they are all aware that their life is going to end causing allot angst.  But the main character receives more time and realizes that he needs to act and spread the time around so everyone can be happy.  This is just like existentialism because he is getting up and acting, not just sitting around, and he is trying to get rid of the class differences, so everyone can have equal time and live long and happily.

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