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Friday, November 11, 2011

Sohpies World Connection Five

The further that I get in the book Sophies World, by Jostein Gaarder, the more that things are getting intense to the max!  (I felt the need to say intense to the max and I did not want to wait to say it).  While readingthe chapter Kierkegaard, the section where Alice showed up really caught my attention.  She offered Sophie a red bottle and a blue bottle that said "drink me".  The first one she drinks warps her peception and makes it seem like everything is one, this represents idealism, then she drinks the other bottle and once again everything warps and it seems like every object is a universe in itself, this represents individualism.  Idealism deals with the "world spirit" and the big picture, how everything works and fits together and how everything reacts to eachother.  Individualism deals with the small picture, and about each small part which creates the big one.  The way Sophies world warps which each one represents how you need a balance between the two to perceive everything normally, and how you cant just have one or the other because they both are closely related.

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