Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sophies World connection #5?

In the book Sophies World we have learned about many great philosophers including Baruch Spinoza and Charles Darwin.  They both have different views on philosophy, one believes that god is in everything nature, there is a spark of divinity in everything, and we are all born devine/good.  But unlike Spinoza, Darwin went on a giant quest around the world to find many new species of plants and animals and research them.  Then using this research he came up with natural selection, evolution, and Darwinism.  I feel like if Spinoza and Darwin had a way to talk to each other they would get into a huge argument at first.  Each one would be trying to prove the other one wrong, but after arguing for a while they might believe both.  I think that Spinoza would come to terms with Darwin and decide that, evolution is a real thing and everything still has a spark of divinity.  I think that if this happened Spinoza would also be able to convince Darwin that everything has a spark of divinity in it to.

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